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  • Established in 2010, Xendat has been operated as a boutique consulting group focusing on Data Management capabilities strategy, implementation, and corporate education.
  • Xendat has performed in engagements domestically and internationally in Healthcare, Pharma, High Tech, Finance, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Insurance, and Higher Education.
  • Xendat’s resource model has based on an ecosystem of seasoned experts and professionals across a wide industry and geographical domains.

Capability Maturity Phases


The organization lacks the awareness of the capability’s definition, value, processes, and impact on the enterprise.


The organization has awareness of the capability’s definition, value, processes, and impact on the enterprise.  However, there is no implementation of the capability in the organization.


There are some instances of implementation of the capability throughout the organization, but there no standard common framework or process that is shared across the organization.


There is standard framework and set of processes defined in the organization which is practiced by some key functions in the organization using supporting tools and technology.

The capability is practiced and fully integrated with existing user processes as well as other impacted tools and technologies.  There are staff with skillset in the capability that support the operation of the capability across the organization.

The capability is fully supported as a strategic program and has long-term roadmap and is materially supported by the executive sponsors.  The capability’s strategic roadmap is aligned with organization’s strategic business objectives and long-term goals.