Expert Advisory

Expert Advisory

Xendat’s expert and coaching services help you get the most out of your technology, data, and operations to speed up your unique digital transformation by unlocking maximum value across technology, data, and operations. Our team of industry leaders, authors, thought leaders, inventors, and past and present IT executives can provide a short-term business consulting as

Leverage cutting-edge technologies, data science, and modern methods to improve agility and user experience by being a catalyst for your business strategy and re-imagining your transformation plan through the use of intelligent data automation, sophisticated analytics, state of the art data management technologies, and new ways of working. Xendat’s Expert Advisory Services and be a catalyst to identify strategy, architecture, and solution risk that could translate to unnecessary costs and complexity to the organization.

Empower your enterprise data initiatives with a re-envisioned data strategy that embraces people, process and technology. Embody data governance and business value in your technology implementation and operations.


Our recruitment staff prepares you for the job market to increase your chances of getting a job.

We will cover important factors such as…


Don’t skip this – the cover letter is the first thing
your prospective employer will see and is a great opportunity to explain what the job means to you.


Uploading the same resume for each job is ineffective. Your resume should be tailored to each role you apply to to maximise its impact.


Most employers decide if you’re a good fit for them within 30 seconds – first appearance counts! If you are not prepared, you are very unlikely to succeed.


Maintaining a professional image across your digital accounts and channels is crucial if you want to make a good impression on yourself. When was the last time you checked your privacy settings?


While this may be an uncomfortable conversation for some, you can still leave your workplace well if you take the appropriate steps to guide the conversation.


A frightening prospect for some, this doesn’t have to be the stressful experience many new beginners come to expect. We’ll help you make a good impression from the start.

Xendat Expert Advisory can provide short term engagement in:

  • Enterprise Data Management Strategy & roadmap
  • Digital transformation planning and execution
  • Data and analytics strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture Revie
  • Data Tool and Technology Vendor Selection Review
  • Digital Transformation Organization Change Management
  • Cross Organizational Alignment and Negotiation Advisory
To learn more about Xendat Expert Advisory services, please contact us at [email protected].
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